March 22, 2016
Video: Child’s Pose Variations

Today’s TEP yoga blog focuses on a pose taught often in yoga classes, child’s pose. You may often hear a teacher say “Child’s pose is a pose you can come to at any time throughout your practice”. That is a nice option! And child’s pose is not accessible to everyone, nor is it everyone’s resting pose. For some, the traditional version can feel like a grounding, safe, comfortable and resting pose, but for many it can feel uncomfortable in the hips, knees and breath. Perhaps these variations will speak to you. If they don’t that’s OK too!

The ultimate goal in yoga is to learn and do what works best in your body. Even out in a yoga class. Maybe there’s another pose that you prefer to rest in during class or to wind down when things are hectic–honor that. Honor your body. That is the ultimate child’s pose — and just like a child might– do what feels good and let go of expectation!

In Gratitude,


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