Hi Everyone,

The Holidays can be both wonderful and stressful for many people.

In today’s post, I  name some of the challenges of the holidays as well as offer a breath technique that many of my clients use to manage stress and intense feelings, in order to find calm and feel more grounded.

As always in yoga, please do what feels best for you. This practice may or may not be the one for you and that’s OK.  The fact that you are opening to trying something new to create positive change is an amazing first step!

In Gratitude,

Lisa Diers

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“The following content was written for the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and has been cross-posted with permission. For the original article, see here.”

Anyone who has struggled with disordered eating and/or negative body image knows that it’s all about the food and body and NOT about the food and body at the same time. The distorted image and hatred of the body along with the fear of the food are manifestations of a deeper struggle. They are manifestations of something unbalanced, damaged, painful, and deep within. From a body-centric perspective, struggling with an eating disorder is the body’s way of communicating a message about the deeper struggle. When you begin to listen to the message, recovery can begin. Recovery can happen. And you are NOT alone. Continue reading Strength. Hope. Acceptance. Finding Peace.

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Legs Up the Wall Yoga Image with Lisa Diers

The first of our Emily Program yoga series begins with a classic pose for cultivating relaxation, aiding in stress reduction, and promoting a gentle stretch in the legs. In this video, you will see the pose in its more traditional form. However, there are several variations that can be taken to meet your current needs. Some physical modifications may include relaxing in this pose while lying in your bed, or by placing a folded blanket under your low back or head for added support. Other options could include using an eye pillow or incorporating aromatherapy. It’s all about doing what feels good in your body and listening to what it needs. Continue reading Video: Legs Up The Wall

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